New Wi-Fi Adapter Not Working At Old Adapter Level

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I have been using a variety of dual band wi-fi dongles on my Acer Aspire ES1-511 over the past 2 years or so and all have performed at peak level for my ISP which is 144mbps.  Included in this variety have been Belkin (now being used on my desktop), NetGear (which suffered an accident) and, most recently, an old Etekcity (to replace the NetGear).

Because the Etekcity is tethered via a cable, I wanted to replace it with something more mobile and opted for a Rosewill RNX-AC600UB v2.0 . The specs state that this dual band adapter is capable of speeds up to 150mbps on a 2.4ghz signal.

Here's the thing. It does not perform at any speed greater than 72mbps. 

After updating the drivers for the Rosewill via their website there was no improvement in performance.  I then uninstalled  it  and allowed Windows to recognize it as a new device and install it automatically. This did not improve the performance either.


Can this performance be improved?  I have since replaced it with the old Etekcity  device and am again connected at 144mbps - even after having uninstalled all of it's drivers and utilities (recognized by type - not brand - and installed by Windows).

Thanks in advance for any input -

Terry Davidson

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