No Audio output device is installed

Windows Vista

Asked by: Midoghandour

I have a Toshiba satellite U300

Windows Vista home premium – SP2



1-      in “device manager” I DO NOT HAVE "sound, video and game controllers"
Doesn't show on my list in device manager


2-      I can only find "High definition Audio controller", under “system devices” in Device manager


3-      When i try to upgrade the driver, tells me that is the BEST driver is installed.

4-      When I Uninstall, and Reinstall >>> doesn't restore my sound.


6-      As I have a TOSHIBA Satelite U300, so i went to toshiba website, installed their latest realtek driver (sound-20080129122351)vista R.175 again >>> doesn't restore my sound.


7-      Went to realtek.com website, found their recent drivers Vista_Win7_R236 then the MOST recent one Vista_Win7_R237, installed both of them, individually, then after one another >>>>> IN VAIN >>> doesn't restore my sound.


8-      Some times, I used to do a system restore to a recent restore point, sometimes it works, and some others I DOES NOT, and NOW, I don’t have a restore point that works.


9-      Went to Microsoft.com, found the exact problem mentioned, and downloaded the drivers for solutions:(Windows6.0-KB937077-x86) and (Windows6.0-KB929685-x86) gives me an error >>> the update does not apply to your system (although am Vista home premium 32 bit, and I chose the correct version??????)


10-   This problem happened to me twice before on the same machine last year and this year, and couldn’t fix it, so I called Toshiba, and they made me use the recovery CD, format my C: drive and start the laptop again from scratch, and only then, it worked……………….. BUT, as long as the windows updates started hammering me, one of those updates, SCREWED  my driver, and, here we go again……………………….. so, I will NOT restore the recovery CD again, or restore my system, because it only wastes my time and efforts




Am really speechless now, and very angry, because my work relies so much on sound, and I DO NOT HAVE SOUND.



Answered by: SpiritX MS MVP


1. You RUN the Driver by Right Clicking on it and selecting RUN AS ADMIN

2. after it installs THEN you REBOOT

3. Then you look in Control Panel - Device Manager - Sound  double click on the device - Driver tab - check
the version - if it is NOT the version you installed then you REPEAT the installation 1. then 2. then 3. again
until the version you ran is the one showing installed.

Hope that is clearer.

Rob - Bicycle - Mark Twain said it right.
Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP - Windows Experience : Bicycle - Mark Twain said it right.
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