OneDrive Camera Roll Missing From File Explorer in Windows 10

Windows Vista

Asked by: dj carlson

I just discovered that my Camera Roll from OneDrive is not available in File Explorer on my Windows 10 PC with confirmation from Microsoft Tech Support.  Does anyone know a workaround for this?  It means that if I want these easily available on my PC I need to download them to a folder on my visible OneDrive, effectively duplicating them.  Thanks for any help.

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Down by your clock, right-click the white cloud icon and go to settings, then pick "choose folders".  In the popup that opens, find pictures folder, open it up (triangle expand button to the left of it) and then check box on the "camera roll" folder so that it is a folder that gets synced to your pc automatically.  Click OK to save and you should see that folder now under C:Usersyour nameOneDrivePicturesCamera Roll

-Shawn Keene
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