The blue screen of death as peaple call it.

Windows Vista

Asked by: Spacewaves

Hi,  I keep getting the blue screen of death as peaple call it. Sometimes it has come when I have only turned the compuer on and just started doing things. 
Other times it would come when I`am just doing things or when I have walked away from the computer and it is there when I came back.  

It It has said that the problem is related to    DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION   and    PFN_LIST_CORRUPT at diferant times that it came.. 

How can I stop and fix this problem? 
Thank you. 

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We do need the actual log files (called a DMP files) as they contain the only record of the sequence of events leading up to the crash, what drivers were loaded, and what was responsible.

Please follow our instructions for finding and uploading the files we need to help you fix your computer. They can be found here
If you have any questions about the procedure please ask

I do not work for MS so do not shoot the messenger. Wanikya & Dyami Team ZigZag
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