Windows 10, touch keyboard covers full size app window.

Windows Vista

Asked by: JoyDay

I use screen touch keyboard a lot ever since windows 8, but after upgraded to windows 10, the behavior of touch keyboard is not like that in windows 8, now it covers the full size app window behind it, and really inconvenience if I want to input something (e.g. on a web page).

Is there any setting can help on this? I prefer the windows 8 style -- app windows should auto resized when touch keyboard popup.

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Thank you for posting in Microsoft Community.

We understand your concern and will certainly assist you to fix your issue.

Please install all the latest device drivers and all the latest windows updates. To understand your issue better, please provide us with a Screenshot of the problem. Additionally please provide the screenshot of the issue to understand the situation better. To know how to include a screenshot in your post please refer the following:


Please get back to us so that we can resolve your issue at the earliest. Also please let us know if installing the latest device drivers and windows updates fixed your issue or you need any further assistance.

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