Windows Update isn't running after Win 7 clean install, 0x80070005 error (windowsupdatediagnostic error report)

Windows Vista

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I did a clean install of win7 ultimate 64 bit (used win10 before) and I installed all relevant drivers. Afterwards I tried to run Win Update but unfortunately it just showed a red X before I started it and when it was running it was running and searching for hours without stopping.

So I ran WINDOWS UPDATE DIAGNOSTICS and got this error message:


What can I do to fix it?

All answers to this question in the other topics here have not solved the problem unfortunately...

Please help, it's my second clean install due to this problem in a row and now everything else is up and running so I would like to make sure the windows updates get installed properly.


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When (exact date) did you do the clean install of Win7?

Start here: http://wu.krelay.de/en/

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