Connecting to printer on Home Network

Windows XP

Asked by: WJB_AU85

My WIN10 64BIT LAPTOP is connected my HOME NETWORK which is a WIN10 32BIT DESKTOP with a USB Printer installed.  Up until about three weeks ago I had no trouble printing from the LAPTOP via WIFI but now I cannot.  I uninstalled everything HP on the LAPTOP and in the device manager I killed off the PRINT QUE associated with the network printer ... //MY_DESKTOP/PRINTER_NAME then rebooted.  I tried to install the printer new printer, point to the SELECT A SHARED PRINTER BY NAME and select the DESKTOP_PRINTER ICON, click NEXT but I immediately get "Windows couldn't connect to the printer."

It is odd that I can still see the old printer in the printer selection drop down within ADOBE PDF among other apps.  I can select it but I cannot bring up the properties, I click, but nothing happens.  I print to it and nothing happens.  I have enabled hidden devices, printers/print ques but I see nothing there.  No drivers are installed that I can find.  I was able to connect the printer directly to the LAPTOP via USB, download drivers and print with no problems.

Since the old printer is still selectable from within ADOBE, I can only believe all of its components were not properly removed.  The question is how do I remove it if I cannot see it?  Registry?


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