Half of my Power Point presentation disappeared, though saved

Windows XP

Asked by: Eve Misan

Recently my computer upgraded to Windows 10 from 7.

Yesterday all the extra slides and work I added to my Power Point presentation (saving as I worked, even to my external hard drive E:) has disappeared. I saved under the same name doc as the previous day and can recover it, just not the new added work.

I have tried Power Point, File, Options,  Save, then under 'save Presentations' save auto recovery..etc.. but still find only the contents of Power Point from the previous day. Last night before I shut down computer for the final time (had been restarting), magically some of the file appeared but the images were not available. Just appeared as blank squares with message not available. So I know it is in there somewhere.  

Help, too much work to lose.

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To assist you further, I suggest you to answer the below questions.

Are you facing this issue after any recent update installed?

Is the issue specific to the Power Point file or App?

Did you make any recent changes prior to the issue?

Please post to us with more information to help you better.

Thank you
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