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Windows XP

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Hello Everyone

Storage space on my Dell Optiplex 990 is getting eaten up at a really fast rate that cannot be explained by the size of existing document files, Windows folder, or installed programs. This has been going on for over a week. The OS partition is 200Gb in size.

I moved some files to a separate partition and freed up 109Gbs today morning and after two hours of work am already at 80Gbs.

Note that I mostly do light work using Office suite applications mostly Word and Excel, and QuickBooks. However, all QuickBooks files (that are mostly heavy) are stores on a remote shared drive.

At this rate am most likely to be without storage space on the OS partition by end of day.

I have done the following so far to try and and resolve the problem;

- Emptied all system temporary files.

- Cleared all browser caches and temporary internet files.

- Run a full system virus scan with no 0 detections.

- Run the 'Disk Cleanup' utility.

- Run 'Disk Defragmentation' utility.

My 'hyberfil.sys' and pagefile.sys files look normal and haven't changed in size for sometime now.

At this point am really frustrated please help.

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