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Asked by: AarneHeikkila

One day, Windows Defender warned me about dangerous malware that had downloaded while I was surfing on the net. I didn't want any problems with the malware, so I deleted it usind the Windows Defender. I restarted the computer like it said, but after it had restarted I couldn't access my computer.

    When I try to boot up my computer, it says "Preparing startup repair". After that it goes to a blank screen and after a scan of probably about half an hour it states that I have to restart my computer. After I restart, the whole thing starts again. There is also some other options, but I have tried a lot of them and nothing seems to work.

    My computer is an old Packard Bell EasyNote TS44HR with 8 GB of added RAM. The computer was originally on Windows 7, but I decided to upgrade since it was free.

    I greatly appreciate any help.

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