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Asked by: MichaelRushton

I currently have Windows 10 and a few minutes ago my laptop forced a restart (while I was working) and started applying an update. I now have the "Updating Windows" screen that shows when Windows upgrades from 7/8 to 10 – the one with the blue circle and the "Copying files", "Installing features and drivers", and "Configuring settings" steps at the bottom. This has never happened on any prior Windows 10 updates so I'm concerned that, somehow, my laptop is trying to upgrade to Windows 10 again?

Can anyone clear this up for me?

Answered by: #aakkam

The Windows 10 November Update, which raises the version number to 1511, is a significant Windows 10 update and its install process will look like the one you described above. It was rolled out in stages, so although it was released in November of 2015, it has yet to reach everyone. You are fine, Windows 10 is simply conducting a major update.

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